The Learning, Expectation, and Perception Study (LEAP)

Researchers in the Gabrieli Lab at MIT are using non-invasive brain imaging to investigate how the brain perceives and processes text, speech sounds, faces, and objects.

We hope that this research will further our understanding of perceptual differences in individuals with autism and that this understanding will one day improve our ability to diagnose and treat these disorders.

What is my commitment?

Total participation in this study will consist of two sessions. The first is a behavioral session where you will complete a series of computer tasks and games that will last approximately 1-2 hours. The second is a brain imaging session that will last approximately 2 hours.

Participation: We are currently recruiting adults ages 18 to 45, with or without a diagnosis of autism, to participate in this study.


You will receive a $20 per hour for the behavioral session, and $30 per hour for the brain imaging session in the form of gift cards to

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