Wang, SuipingVisiting Research Scientist

    Suiping Wang

    Visiting Research Scientist

    43 Vassar Street
    Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
    Connect: CV / Research Gate


    Ph.D., in Psychology, South China Normal University, China, 2000
    B.A., in Psychology, South China Normal University, China, 1995


    Suiping Wang is Professor of Psychology in School of Psychology at South China Normal University and National Yangzi River Scholar in China. She is currently a visiting scientist at Gabrieli Lab. She has extensive experience studying how different aspects of language (lexical, semantic, syntactic, and pragmatic) contribute to the mental representation of sentence and discourse processing in the brain using multimodal behavior and imaging techniques, such as eye movement, ERPs, and fMRI. She is particularly interested in how language-universal and language-specific aspects will modulate the perception and the comprehension of language.

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