ADHD Emotion Regulation (ADHDER)

The ADHDER study is investigating the neural correlates of emotional dysregulation in adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Emotional dysregulation refers to the impairment of the ability to handle daily life stress and negative emotions, and this symptom is prevalent in adults with ADHD. In collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital, the ADHDER study aims to identify neurocognitive biomarkers of emotional dysregulation. With the use of neuroimaging and behavioral data from adults (ages 18-40) with and without ADHD, we hope to find the neural mechanisms of emotional dysregulation. Our findings will hopefully contribute to the clinical treatment of adults with ADHD and eventually improve the quality of life for those that struggle with emotional dysregulation.

What is my commitment?

There are four portions of the study: a screening, a questionnaire, a scanning session, and a behavioral assessment.

Phone Screening: Participants will take part in a 10-minute phone interview with a representative from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) to determine participation eligibility.

Questionnaire: Eligible participants will complete a 20-minute questionnaire online.

Scanning Session: Participants will come to the McGovern Imaging Center at MIT to take part in a 2-hour scanning session. During this session, participants will engage in different emotion and memory tasks in a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine.

Behavioral Session: Immediately after the scanning session, participants will complete standard cognitive and behavioral assessments in a 1-hour session.

Participation: We are currently recruiting adults between ages 18 and 40 for this study. If you want to learn more about this project and how to get involved, contact us using the button below.


Participants will receive $20/hour for the questionnaire portion (which typically lasts 30-60 minutes) and they will receive $30/hour for the scanning and behavioral portions (which typically last about 2 hours).

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