By David B. Sudderth M.D. (Author),‎ Joseph Kandel M.D. (Author)
Publisher: Harmony; 1 edition (October 23, 1996)
ISBN-10: 0761507965
ISBN-13: 978-0761507963

Impulsivity, hyperactivity, inattention and distractibility—words that ring a bell? For the estimated six million Americans suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder, such words interfere with daily life. For another 40 million people, such words alone make them think they have ADD.

A disorder that doesn’t go away on its own, ADD turns untreated children into frustrated adults. And, adults who have children with ADD, probably have it as well. Although ADD books have appeared on bestseller lists before, this is the first ADD book ever written by neurologists.

In simple and friendly terms, co-authors David Sudderth and Joseph Kandel offer help to those leading frustrating lives. They provide coping mechanisms, both psychological and an up-to-date guide to the latest technology that people with ADD will benefit from.

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