Former Postdocs & Research Scientists

Chandan Vaidya, Professor and Chair, Georgetown University
Carol A Seger, Professor, Colorado State University
Rypma Bart, Professor, University of Texas at Dallas
Russell Poldrac, Professor of Psychology, Stanford University
Turhan Canli, Professor, Stony Brook University
Wendy S. Francis, Professor, Univ. of Texas, El Paso
Allyson Rosen, Associate Professor, Stanford University; Director of MIRECC Palo Alto VA Health Care System
Alexandra J Golby, Associate Professor Harvard Medical School
Eliot Hazeltine, Professor, University of Iowa
Amy Lynne Shelton, Professor, Associate Dean, Johns Hopkins University
Kevin N. Ochsner, Professor, Columbia University
Dafna Bergerbest, Lecturer at the Academic College of Tel-Aviv Yaffo
Golijeh Golarai, Senior Research Associate, Stanford University
Trey Hedden, Assistant Professor, Mass. General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Fumiko Hoeft, Senior Scientist, Instructor, Stanford University
Noa Ofen, Assistant Professor, Wayne State University
Nadine Gaab, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Ioulia Kovelman, Assistant Professor in Psychology, Univesity of Michigan
Frida Polli, CEO, Pymetrics
Eveline Geiser, Lecturer, University Hospital Lausanne, Switzerland
Marianna Eddy, Cognitive Scientist, US Army NSRDEC
Elizabeth Redcay, Assistant Professor, University of Maryland
Xiaoqian Chai, Research Associate, Montreal Neurological Institute
Amy Finn, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
Joanna Christodoulou, Assistant Professor, Massachusetts General Hospital
Tyler Perrachione, Assistant Professor, Boston University
Aaron Mattfeld, Assistant Professor, Florida International University
Elizabeth S. Norton, Assistant Professor, Northwestern University
Allyson Mackey, Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Sufana Al Mashhadi, Previous Post-Doctoral Fellow
Smruti Padhy, Previous Research Scientist

Former Graduate Students

Julia Leonard

Former Staff Members

Andrea Imhof, Previous Technical Associate
Schuyler Gaillard
Lindsey Williams
Adam Horowitz
Anissa Sridhar, Previous Research Assistant

Thank you to all of the staff members, students, and post-doctoral fellows who have been a part of the Gabrieli Lab over the years. If you would like to suggest an update to our alumni list, please contact us at

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