Aaron Mattfeld


 Aaron Mattfeld, Ph.D.

 Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences

 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

 46-4033F, 43 Vassar Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

 Office: 617-324-1854

 Email: amattfel at mit dot edu

I am interested in the neurobiological mechanisms that support how we learn and remember, and how these processes change either through disease or across the lifespan. Memory is the product of a richly interacting network of brain regions. The extent to which these networks operate in concert, and the nature of their interactions, are not well understood. I use multimodal imaging methodologies, as well as computational models of associative learning, to investigate both the distinct mechanisms and the interactions of learning and memory systems. It is my hope that this work will lead to the development of more efficient teaching practices as well as better diagnoses and treatments of developmental disorders.

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