Satrajit S. Ghosh



46-4033F, 43 Vassar St, Cambridge, MA 02139

JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING | +1.617.324.3544

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My present research focuses on novel computational approaches for representing multimodal data in the context of the clinical disorders and to develop models for diagnosing and predicting treatment outcome. This is currently being applied to stuttering, ADHD, MDD and SAD. I am also involved with the development and validation of realtime-fMRI as a clinical tool in the context of new project funded by the DoD. I have developed state-of-the-art tools for region of interest analysis of neuroimaging data. As P.I. of an R03 from NIBIB I initiated the development of a Python-based, open-source, multi-institution software project aimed at improving interoperability among existing imaging analysis software packages ( My prior work has involved real-time synthesis of computer music and sound effects, controlling chaotic oscillators, computational modeling of speech acquisition and production, and real-time DSP-based speech signal processing.

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